Thomas Costanzo, Son to Leonardo and Lena Costanzo, has always had a place in his heart and in the Costanzo family for food. His mother was a personal chef to the Pierrepont family in Ridgefield.  Tom would watch and learn from his mother. His career spans almost 4 decades in the foodservice industry. Stops in Bridgeport (Harbor Light) along with the Branchville Junction, Corner Pub and Café Marcos all in Georgetown or Ridgefield in the 80s and 90s. Tom says “I’ve come a long way since I made Clam Chowder from a Betty Crocker cookbook”. 

            As 2019 kicked in Tom had the opportunity to open Tomasinos in West Redding. The restaurant is truly old school Italian. Its Red and White interior with Green placemats signal Italian.  A few photos and the special board line the walls of the 2 small room establishment.  You can dine in, take out or have your food delivered.   Tom runs his specials weekly and gets fresh ingredients daily.  Tom is committed to making all his dishes from scratch. “Use the best quality ingredients, make it good and make a lot!” is Chef Toms Philosophy. Chef loves cooking, talking about food and making his guests feel like they are in his Italian home. “Everyone is family”.  Speaking of which, if you choose to dine in at Tomasinos with your family, most all dishes are available Family Style.  No matter where Tom has cooked there has always been an Italian flare to his cooking, with items such as Pink Pomodoro Tortellini, Homemade Alfredo, and a Fra Diavolo with Shrimp, Clams and/or Mussels.

            On any given night Tom will be in the kitchen or by the pizza oven preparing a homemade meal, or in the dining room making his guests feel welcome in his new home.  His Daughter Gina Marie mans the front register and dining room.  Gina was a big part of pushing Tom to take the space and make it their own.  On many a night you will see the next generation as Tom’s grandson and Gina’s son Luke is usually around.  You can see Tom’s motivation whenever he is around Luke and what a proud grandfather he is. Tom has another daughter Jessica and she can be seen around the restaurant on occasion with her children Jackson and Camden as well. Tomasinos is truly a family restaurant serving chicken and veal dishes along with fresh seafood specials, fresh pasta, homemade appetizers and a variety of build your own pizzas or pick one of the specialty pizzas on the menu.  


            As Tom created the menu, it was important to serve all the entrees and pastas as a complete meal.  All dinners come with a salad and fresh pasta on the side.  All of the fresh pasta dinners come with a salad.  Tomasinos wants to make sure you are getting a great value for your money spent. Our menu is small in comparison to many restaurants. We want to do a few things and do them right.  If you don’t see something you want PLEASE ASK.  If we have the ingredients and the time we will make it for you. 

We hope you enjoy your time with us. At Tomasinos we are a comfortable, relaxed family style pizzeria and pasta restaurant where you can leave all your days issues behind and bring in Beer, Wine or drink of choice and just kick back and have a great time. 


Goditi il tuo tempo con noi

Enjoy your time with us